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Actuated Chest RGB LED Lighting Add On -  Jersey Jack Pirates of the Caribbean

Actuated Chest RGB LED Lighting Add On - Jersey Jack Pirates of the Caribbean

Did you order the jPinball actuated chest mod? Do you want a light in the chest? This mod will add on a ws2812b addresible RGB LED strip to the lid of the chest. Better yet, it will be integrated with the Adruino compatible nano controller that is being installed to control the lid. This means with some integrated buttons you will be able to control the light color and the effect. The only effect we are planning now is the "heart beat" style "thump thump" that looks like a beating heart. You can defiintely turn this effect of. The light will turn on when the chest opens and off when it closes. The plug will be integated in to the system and likely the lights will be installed with the lid bracket all ready to go. When you're installing the mod just a few more wires to connect and you're good to go with an awesome chest light. 

I don't have any pics of this mod yet, aside from what the non-integrated version looks like (just the plain "always on light" which is shown in this photo). The result you will see is pretty much the same. You'll have control of color (I'll give plenty of selections via button press) and the effect on and off. 

If you already ordered the chest mod, you can add this on as long as your order hasn't shipped. If you already got the mod or are programming your own, this is an easy add on. We are shipping all mods with a plug to add on this light, so even if it already shipped or you are rolling your own (would require some soldering) this light will work for you. 


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