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Arrrr The Decals!

Arrrr The Decals!

"Nine pieces of whatever we happened to have in our pockets at the time?" 

Don't bother adding every decal to your cart. Just add this one product and we'll send you them all! 

(1) Skeleton Pirate Replacement
(2) Collect Gold Pirate Coin
(2) Collect Gold Coins
(2) Load Cannon Replacement
(4) Black Pearl Spinner (4 of each set, 8 total)
(2) The Depths Rocky Replacement
(2) The Depths Pirate Skull Replacement
(2) Chest Lock Replacement

High quality, heavy duty decals with a matte finish which can be applied over the existing decals on Jersey Jack Pinball - Pirates of the Caribbean. Decals are designed to fit the targets over the existing decals. High quality UV ink printed on heavy duty outdoor material with a matte UV protection applied over. 

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