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Maelstrom Hidden Switch Mod - JJP PoTC

Maelstrom Hidden Switch Mod - JJP PoTC

So there is a huge black box in the middle of your playfield, want that gone? Then you just need this mod.

We've designed a way to move that switch to a hidden location under the ramp. The solution is plug and play. There are two screws to remove the old switch, that's it. Everything you need is included. The switch is entirely replaceable if you ever need to and is a generic pinball part. The connections are all made for you, just pop it in. There is nothing to assemble.

Since we don't want to post details of our mechanism design, we can show you what it looks like when installed. You can't see anything? That's the point. It's there, gotta look close. Final piece will be translucent with paint to match the maelstrom ramp color and texture so even if you could see it, it would fit right in.


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