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PMC Post Playfield Protection Set

PMC Post Playfield Protection Set

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Do you have concerns about your playfield and dimples, divots, bunching or sagging of the clear coat around narrow posts? We've seen this on a lot of games recently and the community has come up with a combination fix for this. This has been installed on many machines and seems to be holding up over time. 

For example, on JJP POTC there are a combination of issues which leads to failure of the playfield near the sling posts, among other places. The original, narrow posts used by JJP are cutting in to the clear (some had sharp lower edges) and sometimes just the clear is too soft and it bunches up around the posts. This combination solution not only helps prevent this, it helps solve it and it helps hide it. Here is what you are ordering: 

- Color choice of a double star post 1-1/4" to replace existing narrow plastic posts 
- High quality, black, durable rubber neoprene washer size matched to the post 
- Clear 3/4" Lexan support washer for plastic protection

Each "qty" of 1 that you order will include one of each of the items above. So if you want 6 black posts (with rubber and Lexan washers included) you would want to order a qty of 6. 

The double post is suggested here to offset the height of the rubber washer. Using this post you can put the sling rubber on the lower rung which will place it closer to the original rubber location with the stock posts. There may be a bit of leaf switch adjustment to get the right action (and adjusting the coil settings) but this should help prevent hammer escapes if replacing with just a single star post. 

You can choose the color and qty of posts needed for your application. For example, to replace the sling posts on most games you will need 6 star posts. You can choose any color combination (just add each one in the proper qty to your cart). Some folks have done a "blackout" theme with there posts, going all black. Some have color matched to the playfield (on a CE they have used the teal/green posts and on a SE/LE they have used aqua and amber posts). It's all up to the look you are going for, or stick with the stock clear look. 

**We now have both clear and black rubber washers in stock. The installed pic (of all 3 posts) shows the clear washer. The last pic, with just the one clear post, has the black washer. If you want clear washers, just note that in your order comments until we can get the inventory updated. 

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